пятница, 30 октября 2009 г.

Filming "Viy"

Few weeks ago building decorations for a film "Viy" has begun. This time - mystical old church and a cemetery. As Production Designer of the project, i will add some concepts, sketches and of course final decorations photos.
The early 18th century is a time marked by the struggle of modern science to overcome superstition. When British cartographer and scientist Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) travels to the wilds of the Far East, he stumbles upon a village nestled in an impenetrable forest. There, he is told stories of a terrifying creature with a gaze that can pierce a man’s soul, a creature known only as “Viy”. Despite warnings, the pragmatic Green sets off towards the boarded up local church in an attempt to disprove the stories. What he finds there confounds science and imagination, a horrific truth about the village and its people.
About project on IMDB --->
"VIY" (Internetional trailer}:

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looks sweet.

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Un petit coucou en passant!!