суббота, 23 мая 2009 г.


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Gulzar комментирует...

WOOOOOOOOOOOAHHH! This so radical!

Wow! I'm really impressed brother...

How are you keeping? I always come here...nice to see a new post :)
I'm sure you must be busy!

Keep well.

funbubblz комментирует...

nice!i realie am impressed obt your work ,specially the kind of look n feel of this filmgreat stuff.

abhishek singh комментирует...

a deserving victory
my compliments
n ur work is wonderful ,

Francesco Malin комментирует...

WOW, crazy! Absoluty wonderful, I love the color, time and the style!
All!! great work

danny gardner комментирует...

thanks for the comment arthur, your stuff is amazing, i LOVE those ships at the bottom. can't wait for more!


Khylov комментирует...

Hey, thanks much for stopping by. As I type this, I'm parked in my car using someone else's net connection - hence why this is short.

Cheers; thanks again.

GhettoFab комментирует...

wow o wow!! Epic! Love everything about it

Alina Chau комментирует...

Love your design and concept art a lot!!

Tatevik Avakyan комментирует...

Looks wonderful!

Arthur Mirzoyan комментирует...

Thanks it is very pleasant!