пятница, 19 декабря 2008 г.


This work was created for IT'S ART Challenge "We Humans"


Like mythical Icarus, mankind is aspire to the "Sun". It throws a challenge to the nature and god. It is attracted with everything not learnt and inaccessible. It want to understand and rule universe laws. To operate atom, to move with a velocity of light, to own boundless energy and to see the most distant corners of the Universe. Ambitions of the Human do not have a limit. Often "Ikary" burn down on the way to the target, but to the place of One comes three new.
They climb up the highest mountains. Make the first waves by fragile wings made of feathers and wax. Look on burning, but so desired purpose. And without any hesitating, direct to the sun...
..., and I won 2-nd place :) !

3 комментария:

DeathPlug комментирует...

COOL great image!

Ludwin комментирует...

hey arthur,

thanks very much for commenting on my blog!!
it's always nice to get feedback from talented colleagues.
i saw some really nice works on your blog and personal website.
keep up the good work and hopefully you'll visit my blog again.

Brian Elliott комментирует...

Your art is amazing, dude, I love it.