среда, 12 ноября 2008 г.

My flying concepts.

I have been invited to participate in this project.
Quarto Publishing (London), creators of high-quality illustrated books, published all over the world, copies of ‘50 Fantasy Vehicles’.
"The book is about how to conceptualise fantasy vehicles. But above all, it's about how to draw them, so all the vehicles should be original vehicles designs - the reader will want to recreate them, and also to understand how to construct their own original designs. The book will show a wide variety of fantasy vehicle styles - from simple road vehicles to sophisticated space fortresses, from terrifying organic animal-like creations to a dark future’s most lethal war machines. This kind of storytelling elaboration not only brings the vehicles to 'life', but provides an insight into how a great design must have depth and a purpose behind all its “cool looking stuff”.

"Flying Incinerator"
Spy wehicle "BEE"

"Flying Monastery"

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Gulzar комментирует...


Where can I get a copy from?
Its an amazing news...

hope all is good with you?

funbubblz комментирует...

wow this is absolutely coool arthur,great one.ur a engineer too.well composed design.amazing.

Ricardo Hernandez комментирует...

Beautiful creations, i love your drawing style, the city on the flying boat is amazing.
thanks for your previous comment.

Brian Elliott комментирует...

Your vehicles are so wickedly cool, man.

You definitely have to put up some more process vids and workshops, Mirzo.

Dominic Philibert комментирует...

Absolutely beautiful!!